Meditation: Chakra Balancing with Ian Russell feat. Fiona Rea

Chakra Balancing Audio Meditation

MP3 download.
Duration: 27:24 mins
Narrated by Ian Russell.
Music by Fiona Rea.

The Chakras have been used in Eastern esoteric systems for thousands of years and now the Western medical system is beginning to understand how important these areas are to our physiology. From a Western point of view, the chakras are ‘minibrains’:nodal points of electrical and chemical activity that receive, process, and distribute information from and to the rest of the body and mind. Physiologically, each chakra is the site of a neuronal plexus – a network of cells dense with neuropeptide transmitters. All are interdependently connected to each other, such that nourishing any one plexus enhances the effectiveness of the entire system.

This audio recording also includes the Grounding Meditation to begin with.

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