Welcome to the Braveheart Institute. I use a powerful combination of ancient healing techniques and knowledge and combine them with current scientific knowledge to lead you on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment. 

Learning to connect properly with yourself is a journey like no other and can be the most rewarding and fulfilling process a human can experience!


Do you feel like no matter what you do you still feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and dead inside? 

Does your life have meaning and purpose or are you stuck in Groundhog Day? 

Then it is time to do something different. 

We all know the famous quote:
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

Orange Line


The Braveheart Institute

“Ian is a ray of light who can truly cut through the BS and help you find YOU, and your inner wisdom. And the world needs more of that. Thank you Ian.

I now have a framework which helps me move out of victim state and have confidence in my ability to create what I want to create. I also have a job I love, with amazing people and a completely new perspective on life and what I want out of it - and the confidence I can manifest it. Because I can now connect with and hear my own intuition. My inner wisdom. ”

The Braveheart Institute

“Before I started coaching with Ian I was completely stuck on what my true nature and purpose was and therefore where I needed to focus my energy. After our first session together I had clarity on what was really true for me and after the second, I knew where I had to focus my attention to get results in the areas of my life that mattered the most.

Ian has a way of drawing out my own innate wisdom through his hilarious storytelling and ability to get me to see my own truth. I now feel like I am transforming my life aligned with what's really true for me. ”

The Braveheart Institute

“Working with Ian is opening doors I never knew existed. More than a mentor, his work is more of a guidance home to yourself and allowing who you are meant to be to come to the fore.

I didn't realise how much having someone in your corner believing in you, even when you don't, can change a life.
Thank you Ian. ”