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Founder of The Braveheart Institute

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My Story - The very short version!  

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  • My human experience with masculine energy left me with the following belief systems:
    - Men run away when life gets difficult (Abandonment).
    - Men must be very tough and violent.

    - Masculine energy damages feminine energy.
    - My masculine energy needed to be supressed because it was dangerous.

  • I use alcohol and drugs to supress it.

  • This leads to a chronic fatigue illness.

  • I spend years trying to fix myself physically and emotionally. Ironically, I work as a health professional.

  • I investigate shamanism, Buddhism, etc and try spiritual healing.

  • No matter what I do I am still the same.

  • I attend a course where I learn the “ego” is just an orientation system and I have an epiphany!

  • I have two systems that co-exist and they are perfect just the way they are.

  • I know we are not taught properly because we have systematically destroyed the tribal systems and way of life that would help us learn all this.

  • I decide it is time to work differently and teach with my new understanding.

  • The complete state looks after the incomplete state.

  • I now know how to live in a more skilful way.

  • It requires constant practice and vigilance

  • I am now totally in line with my passion. Helping others know that they are complete and how to live more skilful lives.

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