Six Healing Sounds Meditation Course

Learn to meditate like a Daoist master. Learn to transform negative emotions into positive emotions.

The Six Healing Sounds is the second meditation you learn in the Healing Dao meditation system. It is my favourite of all the Healing Dao meditations.

The primary focus of this meditation is to own and transform negative emotions into positive ones using Qi Gong postures and movements and combining them with the sounds associated with the organs. The meditation builds on the Inner Smile Meditation that started the process of helping you connect to your five major organs.

The meditation aims to not only deepen this internal focus and connection, but help you learn to transform one emotional state into another.

Please note, this is the course to learn the Six Healing Sounds Meditation. If you would like to purchase the audio track of the meditation, you can find it here.

6 Healing Sounds Meditation Course Card