Conscious Manifestation: Module One

To manifest skilfully requires you to become aware of and use every aspect of your being to your advantage. Module One now available!

The journey we call life can often make us feel fragmented and lost. The primary aim of the online Conscious Manifestation course is to help you recognise and consciously reconnect with your own internal wisdom in the form of your intuition. The course will use your intuition as a guide to make you aware that everything you need for your journey has always been, and will always be, inside of you.

The Conscious Manifestation course will be comprised of five modules all designed to layer on, and enhance, the previous modules. The ultimate purpose of the course is to help you recognise that you already have access to everything you need to consciously manifest. It also identifies how we ‘talk ourselves out of’ the life we dream of and why we do this to ourselves.

Modules One and Two look at our human system from the perspectives of physics, molecular biology, and neurology to identify how our systems can be set up to help us or work against us. Module Three looks at ‘our’ stories, these stories are what imprints our biology and create the patterns of thinking and behaviour that create our version of reality. Module Four looks at the ‘innate templates’ we all have access to but don’t use because of the programming overlaying them. Module five shows you how to create your own process for conscious manifestation that uses your intuition over your programming.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently only Module One and Two are available online. Module One comprises of fifty-four short educational videos and comes with a downloadable workbook. The modules will be released in stages, roughly three months apart, as I am currently creating the course content. I also hope this gives you time to process the information before the next stage of the course.

Individual modules can be purchased as they are released for $77 each.

Not sure if this course is for you? I have also created two free courses that feed into and support the Conscious Manifestation course: the 7-Day Challenge and How to Manifest. These courses are a great way to get a feel for my presentation style and are of great benefit on their own.

Conscious Manifestation Module 1