Intellect Vs. Wisdom


Every human being operates three systems of consciousness at the same time. The unconscious/subconscious, conscious and higher/super conscious state. 

The sub conscious/unconscious state is where we store all of our programming/learned belief systems, currently thought to be responsible of 95% of all brain activity.

Our conscious state, where we observe the world from, is currently thought to be responsible for 5% of all brain activity! Modern science does not yet recognise higher conscious states as part of this equation!

We now understand that the subconscious acts like a DVD recorder and then literally just plays on repeat. That is okay is the brain is programmed well but this rarely happens in modern culture.

Luckily, we have another amazing system in play that is innate in every human being. Our higher state of intelligence, most people experience as intuition or a sixth sense. For the majority of humans this part of us is supressed at some point in our life. This can cause major problems as this systems purpose is to create homeostasis and to guide the individual in how to feel truly alive!!!

Most modern human beings have been programmed, over thousands of years, to use their intellect to wage an unrelenting war of supremacy on our own inner wisdom. We have seen this externalised time and time again in our race.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and own our self-destructive nature so that we can focus on the fact that the human race has amazing potential. We really have no concept of what we can achieve as a race when tap into our own innate wisdom.

I have started the BraveHeart institute with the above vision in mind. As humans we have focused only on our human intelligence and are taught to completely ignore the inner wisdom that is our birthright. The institute is in its infancy but in my vision I will be joined by many like minds from many different fields with the aim of creating a society that develops and supports our fellow humans to access and utilise their full potential.

One just needs to look around us at the moment and to see what happens when inner wisdom is suppressed or ignored.

As a race we have systematically destroyed all our societies that used wisdom to guide their life. Luckily for us this wisdom is innate in every single human being and we can use it to guide every aspect of our life.

There has never been a better time to rebuild our society but will require humans brave enough to follow their intuition and live life from their heart!