Intuitive Coaching

Session Types


The Coaching Process


The coaching mirrors the shamanistic process 'soul reclamation'. The mind in a Beta state tells you that you have become separate from a part of yourself. This cannot ever be true, but your mind can convince you it is true. Our innate functional templates are always there but modern humans are not trained in ways to access them.


The coaching process aims to 'reconnect' to your innate energies by gently helping you see the belief system/perception that blocks access to true states. The more you reconnect with yourself, the more aware you become of your true purpose on Earth.


1. Start with a Human Pattern vs. Creator Intuitive Reading. This lets you see objectively what your beliefs systems are creating and then allows you to glimpse your creative potential. 

You can then choose whether you wish to commit to the coaching process.

$225 (1 hour)

In-person or online available


2. Jump straight into the coaching process. It starts with me completing an intuitive reading of your true potential. We then make choices based on the reading and the choices become your focal point to create a better and more meaningful life.

The first session is for the intuitive reading. The second is for the formation of the choices and we usually have enough time to go through one choice. The first two sessions are a week apart. All following sessions are fortnightly.

$225 (1 hour)

Contact Ian for 6 or 12 month pricing

In-person or online available


Consequence Circle: -ve if I do nothing!


  1. I will always feel empty.

  2. I will dig bigger and bigger holes for myself.

  3. I will become more isolated.

  4. I will never be enough.

  5. I will never be satisfied.

  6. I will never connect.

  7. I will blame everyone or everything else.

  8. I will always be unhappy.

  9. I will always have regrets.

10. I will always feel alone.

Consequence Circle: +ve if I take action


  1. I connect with my truth.

  2. I integrate my healthy child, adult and elder states.

  3. I reconnect with my wisdom.

  4. I reconnect with my intuition.

  5. I learn how to be fully alive.

  6. I know my true purpose.

  7. I have clear direction.

  8. I am open and can have deep connections.

  9. I take full responsibility for myself.

10. I give because it brings me joy.



The Seminars

The seminars are a combination of education of how to use your physiology and psychology to create the life you are designed for. They also provide the practical experience of using your intuition in a safe environment. They provide the information necessary to enhance the coaching sessions.

Shamanistic Healing Sessions


Experience one of the oldest healing systems on the planet. Traditional shamans and medicine men/women used a combination of sound (drums, rattles, singing bowls, etc.) and hands on healing techniques to look after the people in their tribe. These techniques are wonderful at rebalancing the human system.

The sessions are by appointment only. Please contact Ian for further details or to book an appointment.

$120 (1 hour)

In-person sessions only

*** All prices include GST